Do I need a captain to charter a yacht?

Planning a holiday is not an easy task these days as you have so many different options, i.e., thousands of package tours, resort hotels, apartments and villas in all kind of different exotic locations. So why should you complicate this task even more by considering to charter a yacht, especially if you are not a captain and familiar with boating?

We believe that chartering a beautiful yacht is the ultimate way to spend a holiday. How else can you stay in a different location each night without re-packing, avoiding the holiday crowds while going to the most desirable locations, learning new skills that are valuable for a lifetime, and still finding plenty of time to relax, read a book, or just enjoy the view? Being on a boat can also bring you much closer to your friends and family and the freedom and closeness to nature that one feels on a boat has amazing impact on your wellbeing and provides tremendous relaxation. This is why people who charter a boat once tend to do it time after time, and won’t settle for a hotel room when they can have the entire sea as their vacation home!


Crewed chartering combines the service and friendliness of an elegant hotel with complete freedom to explore amazing destinations without ever worrying about the crowds or needing captain skills and experience. If you want the exhilaration of being on the water, privacy of your own boat, but a bit of luxury and pampering, then we highly recommend a crewed charter! Crewed charters are yachts where the crew is dedicated to the specific yacht. They take care of the maintenance, sailing or cruising, cooking, cleaning and navigation, and are typically experts in the region where you will be chartering. Don’t underestimate the value of local knowledge – it can make the difference between efficiency and hassle when anchoring or finding a mooring, a restaurant, or dealing with local customs!

Because the crew is dedicated to the yacht and lovingly care for it, crewed yachts are generally in excellent condition. Crews range from husband/wife teams who own the boat and charter for a living/lifestyle because they love it to large, professionally trained crews on super yachts where each crew member has a specific task, ranging from cooking to serving to navigating, and sometimes to massage and hair dressing.

If you have never chartered a yacht before, you are probably wondering what is a typical day on board a private crewed all inclusive luxury yacht charter. This will, of course, greatly vary depending on the type of yacht, the crew and the rate you are paying for the charter. With Caribbean Affordable Charter, you will wake up to the calm turquoise water and warm sun smelling the freshly brewed coffee and fresh homemade bread cooking in the oven. You may decide to jump in the sea for a refreshing swim or just enjoy your coffee on the decks while the Chef Rachel is preparing you a gourmet breakfast.

After a delicious breakfast, you may want to just hang out on the yacht or up you go off to explore the island or do some diving or get the captain to bring you to a completely deserted Caribbean island, the choice is yours.

If not on the way cruising to another location, you may be relaxing on board or out discovering the island, while the Chef Rachel is preparing you another fantastic meal with freshly local Caribbean products.

After lunch, you may snorkel to a nearby reef, followed by a nap in the hammock on deck or grabbing a book to enjoy in the shade on the fly bridge. If you are cruising, you may be taking pictures of a pod of dolphins you just sited along the way or reaching another secluded beautiful bay or island all yours to discover. With a sunset beverage in hand and the aroma from the galley tantalizing, you are relaxing and watching a beautiful sunset.


After a fine culinary experience, you sip your favorite after dinner drink and sit on the aft deck or soak in the stars at the bow or on the upper deck of your luxury yacht. When you are ready, you make your way to your stateroom, surprised to see that all that fresh air, exercise and good food have you in bed by ten. For the party crowd, it’s time to head to shore to sample the local nightlife. Dance the night away, whether you’re barefoot in the sand or in a local bar. Next day, you wake up and you start all over again!

If this sounds good and wondering about how much can cost such a wonderful vacation, a crewed yacht charter often cost no more than a cruise on a cruise ship. Prices typically run between $1,500 and $3,000 per person for a week and normally include all meals and an open bar. The meals are prepared to your preferences and are often comparable to the best restaurants in the area.

Imagine a crewed yacht vacation, sailing or cruising with your friends and family in comfort, with first class food and service, and getting to choose the menu and where and when you sail or cruise without the crowds and hassles of thousands of people vacationing in the same ship as you. Crewed yacht chartering is all about exploring islands, visiting villages, meeting the locals and discovering beaches and secluded bays that are often inaccessible to cruise ships or hotel guests. Crewed yacht chartering is all about being pampered and is all about what YOU want to do, eat and see during your holiday and not about what is included in a standard vacation package!

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About the author: Rachel is the co-owner of a yacht charter business in the Caribbean and the chef on her own luxurious trawler yacht. Her business, Caribbean Affordable Charter, is one of the most affordable Caribbean motor yacht charter business offering crewed all- inclusive luxury and affordable yacht charters. Along with her spouse, the captain, they have been chartering in the Caribbean for seven years from different locations such as the beautiful Tobago Cays, Mustique, Bequia all part of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Grenada, Cariaccou and many other Caribbean islands.

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