Christmas & New Year Last Minute Deal: Private & All-Inclusive Crewed Yacht Charter

NEW PRICE: 60-65% OFF!!!!


Did you know that the majority of yacht charter businesses increase their rates by 15% to 20% during the Christmas and New Year Holidays? Well, we don’t! 

Did you know than the average rate for a 1-week all-inclusive crewed yacht charter with up to 4 guests is between $13000(USD) and $25000+(USD), depending on type and size of yacht? Add to this, an additional 15% to 20% during the Christmas and New Year Holidays!

Our Christmas and New Year Last Minute Deal

Grenada 1-week all-inclusive crewed yacht charter last-minute deal

  • 65% OFF!-$3975(USD) instead of $11250 for 2 guests for 1 week 

  • 65% OFF!-$5K(USD) instead of 13550 for 4 guests for 1 week

What is included in this Grenada 1-week all-inclusive crewed yacht charter?

  • The entire yacht is for you and loved ones;
  • The experienced Captain, Art;
  • A personal Chef/Hostess, Rachel, the owner;
  • Fine dining onboard tailored to your preferences (all breakfasts, 3 lunches & 3 dinners, as most of our guests, also want to dine-out);
  • An onboard personal bar service tailored to your taste, with standard spirits, your favorite mixes, local beers and, included with each dinner, one bottle of our Signature French White or Red Wine;
  • 2-day tours included (Annandale Falls and Grenada Underwater Sculpture Park);
  • Ice;
  • Airport transportation is included;
  • All fees, such as Immigration fee, marine park and moorings fees, are included;
  • The yacht is equipped for sport fishing and snorkeling;
  • WIFI throughout the yacht while in Grenada;
  • Personal service at all times (on board and while on land as well!);
  • Cleaning fees are included.

When chartering the entire yacht, your itinerary is flexible but here is an idea how it could look like!

  • Day 1-Arrival-Grand Anse Beach, Welcome cocktails;
  • Day 2-A day of relaxation on Grand Anse Beach, dinghy rides around the Carenage, etc;
  • Day 3-Day tour of Annandale Falls with picnic, etc;
  • Day 4-Hog Island, Clark Court Bay, Woburn, Callivigny, and more;
  • Day 5-Morning in Hog Island and afternoon cruise to Prickley Bay;
  • Day 6-Cruise and snorkeling to the Marine Sculpture Park and Grand Anse Beach;
  • Day 7-Friday: Departure-Grand Anse Beach.

For more information about this suggested itinerary and to see pictures, click here and scroll down until you see Cruise Itinerary summary.

Or, spend Christmas and New Year and take advantage of our Grenadines-Grenada 2-week all-inclusive crewed yacht charter and get your second week for free!!

  • 60% OFF-$9500(USD) instead of 23K for 2 guests for 2 weeks

  • 60% OFF-$12500(USD) instead of 29k for 4 guests for 2 weeks

Click here to find more information about our 2-week all-inclusive Grenadines-Grenada deal


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