Cruising off season

Caribbean Cruising Off Season Charter

During low season, we cruise to many Eastern Caribbean islands. Come cruising with us, visit more islands and experience the life of living on board on luxury Motor Yacht!

What is included in this Caribbean Cruising Off Season charter?

  • Accommodation available for one person or a couple only.
  • The experience Captain Art, the owner!
  • A personal Chef/Hostess, Rachel, the owner!
  • Fresh & healthy full-board meal plan including all meals & snacks with the exception of 1 dinner/week.
  • Ice
  • Fuel
  • Water
  • WIFI throughout the yacht.
  • Participate in some cleaning and yacht maintenance chores
  • Visiting different islands every year
  • 30% discount from our regular rate on weekly stay
  • Larger discount on monthly stay

winnifred beach, jamaica

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