All-Inclusive Honeymoon & Anniversaries Charter

All-Inclusive Honeymoon & Anniversary Yacht Charter

Celebrate a special occasion in the Caribbean on a private & luxurious motor yacht with this Caribbean All-Inclusive Honeymoon & Anniversary Crewed Yacht Charter. Not only is our professional crew (owner, and not a hired crew) there to provide you with exceptional personal service, they can also assist you with the logistics of creating the celebration you always dreamed of!

Who is not looking for a different way to make a special occasion a little bit more special?

How about a floating resort in the Caribbean?

Whether you’re planning a honeymoon, a loved one’s birthday party, or a milestone anniversary, chartering our private motor yacht is an experience that is totally different, and one that you’ll remember for the rest of your life.


What is included in this Caribbean Honeymoon & Anniversary All- Inclusive Crewed Yacht charter?

  • The entire yacht is for you and a loved one *(arrangements can be made to accommodate an additional person or a couple);
  • The experienced Captain Art;
  • A personal Chef/Hostess, Rachel, the owner;
  • Welcome cocktails and appetizers;
  • Fine dining on board tailored to your preferences (all breakfast are included as well as 3 lunches & 3 dinners, as most of our guests also want to dine-out);
  • A personal bar service tailored to your taste with premium spirits, your favorite mixes, local beers, and, included with each dinner, one bottle of our Signature French White or Red Wine;
  • 1 brunch, with a bottle of our house sparkling wine;
  • 1 luxury and secluded beach picnic;
  • Day tours are included (one or two tours are included depending on the cruise destination);
  • Ice;
  • 3 hours of fuel is included daily (you decide on your itinerary, with the Captain’s advice);
  • Airport transportation is included;
  • All fees, such as Immigration, marine park and moorings fees, are included;
  • The yacht is equipped for sport fishing and snorkeling;
  • Water;
  • WIFI throughout the yacht while in Grenada;
  • You may decide to visit the most beautiful anchorages of Grenada and the Grenadines, including Sandy island, Cariaccou, the world famous Tobago Cays, Mayreau, Union and Petit St. Vincent;
  • Personal services at all times (on board and while on land as well!);
  • Cleaning fees are included.

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