All-Inclusive Corporate Retreat Charter

All-Inclusive Corporate Retreat/Charter in the Caribbean

Thinking of a unique way to conduct a Corporate Retreat? How about conducting a corporate retreat in the Caribbean? How about luxurious hotel/marina facilities, the exclusive access to a private crewed motor yacht and her live aboard owner, a passionate practitioner and scientist with a Ph.D. in Industrial & Organizational (I/O) Psychology? How about her support to create this unique Caribbean corporate retreat?

The yacht has sleeping accommodations for two couples or two persons but can easily accommodate a group of 15-20 guests for day cruises. Rachel’ expertise in I/O Psychology and as a facilitator may also be tapped to facilitate and to design content, workshop or a “talk” to address various topics during your conference.

This could be your opportunity!






Rachel, President of Caribbean Affordable Charter and co-owner of a Private and Luxurious 47′ Motor Yacht, your hostess, is the perfect person to create the ideal practical and professional Caribbean Corporate Retreat for your organization. Why?

  • Rachel is a passionate scientist with a Ph.D. in Industrial & Organizational (I/O) Psychology.
  • She has also earned a professional certificate as a professional coach.
  • Over the past 14 years, she has gained a tremendous amount of Caribbean experience as she has mainly lived in different parts of the Caribbean.
  • She has built an extended Caribbean local network with various businesses, giving her an edge in organizing Corporate Events of any size.
  • She also has an extended international network of highly qualified professionals with various types of expertise in Industrial & Organizational Psychology and in Business Management, who can be invited as guest speakers to your corporate retreat.

Rachel’ Professional Profile

  • Since 2004, as well as co-founding this start-up innovative Yacht Charter Caribbean business with her business partner, she has built a consulting practice in Industrial & Organizational Psychology.
  • She possesses a certificate as a professional coach.
  • She has taught various courses in psychology at two Canadian universities, worked as a Senior Psychometric Assessments Consultant and Project Manager, and as a Researcher and an Organizational Development Consultant.
  • She has worked and consulted for a number of important organizations including the largest Canadian government departments such as the National Defence, Canada Customs and Revenue Agency, as wells as for the Public Service Commission and large private sector organizations.
  • She is fluent in three languages (French, English, and Spanish).

Rachel is fully committed to continuing to build Caribbean Affordable Charter and the I/O consulting practice by bridging them together, and offering unique Corporate Services.


As an Industrial and Organizational practitioner, she is dedicated at integrating science to her practice and to support employees, other practitioners (HR, managers) and organizations in the development of effective evidence-based people management strategies, policies and programs.

This is achieved by:

  • Leveraging the scientific literature and best practices as insightful comparative information;
  • Investigating the perspective of various stakeholders in the organization;
  • Analyzing organizational processes using quantitative, qualitative and mixed research methods and advanced statistical analysis;
  • As a result, evidence-based organizational recommendations and interventions can be proposed.

Her applied research is also guided by a multidimensional framework she has been developing for years with other Industrial & Organizational researchers. This framework is built on Social and Industrial and Organizational Psychology scientific and proven principles for explaining human behaviors.

According to these fundamental principles, the explanation of human behaviors is only made possible by considering a combination of individual and environmental characteristics. Thus, to understand behaviors in the workplace, she is guided, not only by a framework that explores employees’ characteristics, such as bright and dark personality, attitudes and behaviors at work, but also by the characteristics of the work itself and of the organizational climate and culture.

Some of her areas of expertise are:

  • Leadership Assessment & Development
  • Ethics in the workplace
  • Psychometric Assessments
  • Leadership & Professional Coaching
  • Talent Management

Recent Publications:

Paradis, R. (2017). Ethical and Unethical Leadership: Conception, Antecedents, and Effect on Employees’ Mental Health, Job Satisfaction, Performance, and on the Organization Efficacy and Productivity. Unpublished doctoral thesis, École de psychologie, Université de Moncton, Moncton, N.-B.

Paradis, R., Tivendell, J., & Pietrulewicz, B. (2016). A Model to Explore Organizational Pollution and Its Effect on Employees’ Health & Well-Being, and on Organizational Effectiveness. Polish Journal of Social Science, 11 (1), 7-47.

Paradis, R., Pietrulewicz, B., Tivendell, J., & Lebel, J. (2015). Organizational & Environmental Pollution: Interaction of Leaders’ Dark Personality, Followers (Employees) & Organizational Factors. Polish Journal of Social Science, 10 (1), 7-43.

Paradis, R., Demers, M., Dion, E., Tivendell, J., Pietrulewicz, B. (2014). Interpersonal Pollution in Organizations: Exploring Ethical Leadership and the Dark Side of Organizations. Polish Journal of Social Science, 9 (1), 7-26.

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