We offer the most discounted crewed motor yacht charters in the Caribbean, yet we offer luxurious and personal services on a spacious privately owned 47′ motor yacht!

Are you looking for a different vacation? If so, consider chartering our private motor yacht in the Caribbean!

So, what is special about our crewed yacht charters?

Even though we have the most discounted crewed motor yacht charter business in the Caribbean, we offer luxurious services and friendliness of an elegant hotel but with the complete freedom to explore amazing secluded exotic destinations while aboard a spacious motor yacht with the experienced Captain, Art, and the owner, Rachel, your chef/hostess. On top of being skilled in the safe operation of the yacht and in navigation, not to mention being service-oriented, our crew is not only friendly but also very knowledgeable about the region where they will be chartering.

Our crewed yacht chartering is all about being pampered, and about what YOU want to do, what YOU want to eat and what YOU want to see during your vacation, and not about what is included in a standard vacation package! What you will experience while vacationing with us is a relaxing, family-oriented and fun vacation, an opportunity to meet the locals and immerse yourself in the culture, and time to do exactly what you wish to do. Our crewed yacht charters are all about discovering, experiencing and feeling the Caribbean vibes. You will see exotic beaches, landscapes and secluded bays that are often inaccessible to cruise ships or hotel guests, you will meet the locals and learn about the culture, and you will have a fun relaxing and luxurious vacation, just like you always dreamed about! Note, we are not the formal type, we don’t have the name of our yacht printed on our shirt and we do not cruise hundreds of miles in a week.

We offer several CARIBBEAN CREWED YACHT CHARTERS to please all tastes and budgets!

  1. Captain-Only
  2. Private & All-Inclusive
  3. All-Inclusive Corporate Retreats
  4. All-Inclusive Health & Vacation
  5. All-Inclusive Honeymoon & Anniversaries
  6. Cruising off Season
  7. All-Inclusive Retirement Planning


  1. 7 days/6 nights-Grenada
  2. 7 days/6 nights-Grenada/Cariaccou (explore 3 islands)
  3. 7 days/6 nights-Grenada/Grenadines (explore 6 different islands)

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Here is what Gabrielle had to say: I will never be able to travel like I used to. This is not comparable to any 5 stars resorts this is so much better! So friendly, they know the locals, they know the best places to go and it’s very safe. The beaches and landscapes are unbelievable, you will have to see on your own to understand what I mean! I will definitely be back to visit our incredible hosts Rachel and Arthur that made us feel at home and made our vacation unforgettable!

Here is what another TripAdvisor member (Rino) had to say: This has to be the most memorable vacation I did in the Caribbean. We stayed around Grenada for about 2 weeks. The weather was great. The beaches, spectacular. This is certainly a very private and romantic setting and I would highly recommend for any couple to experience it. The hosts will accommodate your needs day by day. If you just feel like sitting on an uncrowded beach while sipping on cocktails and disconnect from everyday fast pace life, you can do that. There is also fabulous Grande Anse beach with has a resort in case you feel like seeing more action. The things that amazed me the most was the host’s knowledge of the area. With their expertise of local hot spots and culture, we were able to taste very authentic foods. We had a couple field trips which included going snorkeling to a very impressive coral reef, a day trip on bus to visit Grenada, organised with other people from boats in the bay, as well as many small adventures to see, feel and taste local food and life. Rachel and Arthur are so welcoming and have managed to establish very good connections with many people living in the area making it possible for them to advise and direct their guests in a safe and responsible way about the trip. All the time I was with them, I felt very safe and it was impressive how many people they know. I will definitely go back for another trip in the future as there is so many other magical places I am sure they can show me.

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