Corporate Retreats

Thinking of unique Caribbean Corporate Retreats?

This could be your opportunity!

Rachel, President of Caribbean Affordable Charter and your host is the perfect person to create the ideal yet practical and professional Caribbean Corporate Retreat for your organization. Why?

  • Rachel is also a passionate scientist with a Ph.D. in Industrial & Organizational (I/O) Psychology.
  • She also earned a professional certificate as a professional coach.
  • Over the past thirteen years, she has gained a tremendous amount of Caribbean experience as she has mainly lived in different parts of the Caribbean.
  • She has build an extended Caribbean local network with various businesses giving her an edge for organizing Corporate Events of any size.
  • She also has an extended international network of highly qualify professionals with various expertise in Industrial & Organizational Psychology and in Business Management which can be invited as guests to your corporate retreat.

If you are looking for that unique opportunity, don’t hesitate to contact to discuss your Corporate Retreats possibilities.