1-Month Coworking, Professional/Leadership Development & Vacation Retreat



  • Where: Grenada
  • When: From November 17 to December 16, 2018
  • Size of the group: Up to 10
  • For whom:
    • An entrepreneur, startup team, or small business owner.
    • A professional on a sabbatical leave.
    • A contractor or freelancer or a professional in any field of work interested in professional and leadership development.
    • An individual contributor wanting to develop professional and leadership competencies.
    • A professional in a career transition seeking a new perspective, inspiration, or professional and leadership development.
  • The 3 segments:
    • The coworking segment (or conducting your work or your business as usual).
    • The professional/leadership development segment
    • The vacation segment

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  • First, let talk about your accommodation: Taking a month off from your work or away from your business may seem impossible or at the least, this possibility may appear daunting. If you have a family, the idea of leaving them behind while you spend a month on a paradisiacal island in the Caribbean may totally not be an option! But don’t worry, none of that is necessary to participate in this corporate retreat. You can join this retreat and bring along a loved one, a friend, or a group of friends (you may want to share the accommodation cost) or your entire family, the choice is yours! This is why we let you choose your own accommodation. We can provide you with a list of our recommended local partners providing various type of accommodation from private rooms in guest houses, apartments, hotels, resorts or even luxurious villas, or you can do your own search. Bottom line, we can provide recommendations and help you with accessing the information needed from the local providers but at the end, you make your own arrangement directly with the local provider of your choice.

  • The Coworking Segment: The coworking segment consists of providing you the facilities needed to conduct your work or your business as usual. During the entire month, you will have access and will be sharing with the group various luxurious working spaces with WIFI connection such as more formal working spaces from a private motor yacht docked at one of the most prestigious marinas in Grenada, as well as informal working spaces from a pool-side, a private beach, various restaurants and gardens all within the marina compound. Various informal working spaces, all with WIFI, in the community will also be available to the group. Coffees, drinks, breakfasts, and lunches can be purchased from the yacht, various restaurants within the marina compound or in the surroundings.




Note: You will have access to more formal working spaces from this private motor yacht docked for the occasion in a luxurious marina during the entire month. Also, from time to time during weekends, the group will be invited to cruise to exquisite secluded bays, beaches and marine parks around Grenada.

  • The Professional/Leadership Development Segment: During the entire month, the professional/leadership development segment will be lead by a practitioner/researcher with a Ph.D. in Industrial & Organizational Psychology (see LinkedIn profile). While conducting your business or your work as usual in a paradisiacal Caribbean island, the intent is to also provide you an exceptional opportunity to take time, without having to totally interrupt your workflow, to:
    • gain perspective on your current professional/leadership situation and your level of satisfaction with it;
    • identify where you want to go next and what you want to achieve;
    • gain a thorough understanding of your strengths and limitations regarding the competencies needed to achieve your next step;
    • support you in the development of your professional/leadership development plan and in providing tailored personal developmental activities to kick-start right away your growth journey and finally;
    • provide you with on-going support for continuing your professional/leadership development once back to your usual work setting.
    • This will be achieved by participating in a weekly workshop (4 half-day workshops), going through intense psychometric assessments (4 to 5 assessments), receiving  an individual feedback session (1 to 2 hours)  and a writing report, working on a personal development plan based on your goals, 1-month access to various online training, webinars, lectures, etc., individual one-on-one coaching (2 sessions of 1 hour and a half during your month with us and 1 follow-up session on skype once back to your usual work setting), and building new relationships and networking with professionals, entrepreneurs, and leaders alike through our weekly special networking activities (4 in total) such as inviting local professionals and leaders for a breakfast talk, cocktails on the yacht with special guests, visiting various local organizations and government, and meeting employers and employees, etc.








  • The Vacation Segment: This being said, you will still have time to explore Grenada, this beautiful spice island with its many intertwined facets, its many lands, and sea activities, and its beautiful culture to discover. Two, half-day cruises are included. You will be informed of all the activities, excursions, parties, local events, etc., happening during the month. Your participation is always voluntary.
  • Here is a list of things to see and things to do in Grenada:
    • Many beautiful beaches (Grand Anse Beach, Morne Rouge, etc., ) See Top 10 from Tripadvisor 
    • The lagoon: Formed from a sunken crater lake, it provides a natural coastal haven to many yachts and other luxury craft.
    • The Carenage: A picturesque harbor adjacent to the Lagoon is a hub of trade and tourism and is fringed with historical buildings, businesses and waterside dining.
    • National Museum.
    • Sendall Tunnel.
    • Many forts.
    • Underwater Sculpture Park.
    • Many different Estates such as Dougaldston, Belvedere, Belmont (drying cocoa beans, largest nutmeg estate, chocolate, etc).
    • Gouyave: Grenada’s main fishing town, famous for Fish Friday, a weekly, outdoor, culinary event.
    • Many falls.
    • Grand Etang Lake and Forest Reserve.
    • Mt. Qua Qua: This mountain rises to over 2370 ft. (720m).
    • Fedon’s Camp: Fedon was a French-Grenadian who lead the slave uprising against the British in 1795.
    • Mt. St. Catherine: This stratovolcano mountain is the highest in Grenada (2757 ft. (840m). It has a horseshoe-shaped crater with several lava domes within it.
    • Levera National Park.
    • Lake Antoine.
    • River Antoine Rum Distillery & Estate.
    • Grenada Distiller (Clarke’s Court Rum).
    • Westerhall Rum Distillery.
    • Grenville.
    • And many more…
    • Acces to our Google  photo album of Grenada
    • A Google photo album of Grenada Carnival 2017
    • Our Google collection of Grenada
    • Our Flipboard magazine of Grenada
    • Our Pinterest of Grenada
    • See Tripadvisor things to do in Grenada 2018
    • Grenada Tourism Authority: Visit www.puregrenada.com



  • $5500 US $ per participant


  • Pick up at the airport, transportation to your accommodation location and return to the airport at the end of the month.
  • Welcoming reception on a private motor yacht with appetizers and cocktails included.
  • Access to the various formal and informal coworking spaces from the personal motor yacht, the marina compound and in the community, all with WIFI accessibility.
  • 4 half-day workshops (1 every week).
  • Psychometric assessments (4 to 5 assessments included).
  • Individual feedback session (1 to 2 hours).
  • Personal assessment writing report.
  • Personal development plan based on your goals.
  • 1-month access to various online training, webinars, lectures, etc.,
  • Individual one-on-one coaching (2 sessions of 1 hour and a half during your month with us and 1 follow-up session on skype once back to your usual work setting).
  • 4 networking activities with food and drinks included.
  • Two, half-day cruises included.
  • Celebration and good-bye party on a private motor yacht with food, drinks, and many surprises included.



  • Your flight.
  • Your accommodation.
  • Your personal expenses for food, drinks, and leisurely activities.







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