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Paradisart Menu

Tuesday, August 8th, 2017

Breakfast-Luxurious Charter

(Ps: All our breakfasts are served with our Signature Tropical Fruit Salad and freshly grounded brewed coffee from carefully selected coffee beans)

  • Egg Benedict with Hollandaise Sauce
  • French Crêpe stuffed with eggs, bacon or ham & cheese and grilled to perfection!
  • Banana & Nuts French toast served with our special rum sauce
  • Spanish omelet with prosciutto served with sauteed breadfruit hashbrown
  • During your stay with us, will have a few early start to get to the next paradisaical island, then, we are proud to serve our continental breakfast (Variety of fresh homemade breads, local fresh jams & jellies, muffins, cereal, fresh local yogurt and fruits)
  • A Special Brunch is served in our secluded favorite hideaway accompanied with our Caribbean famous Mimosa


Lunches-Luxurious Charter

  • Captain famous grilled Fish Burger with our Caribbean tartar sauce and homemade sweet potato fries
  • Seared Fresh tuna Niçoise salad
  • Bahamian Cracked Conk served with fried green plantain
  • Grilled Chicken and vegetables served in our homemade Wrap of the day (garlic, crack pepper, herbs, etc) with our aioli mayonnaise


Hors d’oeuvres & Homemade Soups-Luxurious charter and also available from the daily dinner menu

  • Our special Caribbean fritters (Conk, salt fish, pumpkin, etc) served with our secret spicy mango chutney and/or our Caribbean tartar sauce
  • Creamy Conk chowder
  • Calallou & Cononut soup
  • Tangy & creamy Pumpkin and fresh Ginger potage




  • Chicken cooked in a coconut & mango sauce served with jasmine rice
  • Grilled Mahi-Mahi served with garlic mashed potatoes and sautéed vegetables
  • Shrimp, Spinach & Fresh Mushroom Linguine served with a white wine Creamy Sauce
  • Grilled lime & Crack Pepper tenderloin Pork served with our special roasted Greek Potato
  • Our Famous B.B. Q. party
  • Our Caribbean Local Sampling Dishes Party and music (Get ready to dance all night long with our famous D.J., the Captain Arturo!!)




  • We always carry an assortment of local ice cream
  • Variety of flambé (Banana, Mango, Pineapple, etc,) with various spirit and liquor (Cognac, Rum, Sambuca, etc.)
  • The chef favorite Dark chocolate warmed cake served with fresh whipped cream
  • Captain favorite rum cake served with our special rum sauce (Be careful, lot’s of rum in this one!)
  • Homemade mango pie served with ice cream
  • Variety of cheesecakes


Our signature and favorite cocktails

  • The secret of our Caribbean Rum Punch lies in the preparation time. After the mixing of freshly squeezed tropical fruits, spices and 3 different rums, several days of maturing is required before serving on ice with a touch of the island of spices, Grenada freshly grated famous nutmeg!
  • Our variety of Coladas (Pina, Mango, Papaya, Banana, Passion fruit, and mixed tropical fruits, etc) are made with fresh frozen fruits mixed with coconut milk and cream and 3 different type of rums.
  • Our Ti-Punch comes straight from the French Islands. This is made with fresh squeezed lime, fresh cane syrup and Agricole French Rum.
  • The Captain favorite after Dinner drink is a special aged rum with a dash of French Cane syrup.

A typical day when chartering our Motor Yacht Paradisart

Tuesday, August 8th, 2017

A Typical Day on Board Your Private Caribbean Crewed Captain Only Charter 
•Your luxurious private yacht awaits you and your guests with all the comfort and amenities necessary for an unforgettable vacation. 
•You wake up to the calm turquoise water and warm sun. 
•You may decide to jump in the sea for a refreshing swim or just enjoy your coffee on the decks. 
•After a delicious breakfast, you may want to just hang out on the yacht, listen to music, do some fishing, explore the island or get the captain to bring you to a completely deserted area, the choice is yours. 
•After lunch, you may snorkel to a nearby reef, followed by a nap or grabbing a book to enjoy in the shade on the fly bridge. 
•If you are cruising, you may be taking pictures of a pod of dolphins you just sited along the way or reaching another secluded beautiful bay or island, your anchorage for the night or as long as you wish, all yours to discover. 
•if you choose to dine on-board from our Daily Menu and Bar Menu instead of cooking yourself or going-out to a nearby restaurant, imagine yourself with a sunset beverage in hand and the aroma from the galley tantalizing you while you are relaxing and watching a beautiful sunset. 
•After a fine three courses culinary experience, you sip your favorite after dinner drink and sit on the aft deck or soak in the stars at the bow or on the upper deck of your luxury yacht. 
•The sky is clear and the stars are so shinning, they seem close enough to touch while the breeze is warm and refreshing. 
•You are relaxed, happy and enjoying this beautiful night. When you are ready, you make your way to your stateroom, surprised to see that all that fresh air, exercise and good food have you in bed by ten. 
•For the party crowd, it’s time to head to shore to sample the local nightlife. Dance the night away, probably barefoot in the sand, you are having a great time and meeting all kind of different and interesting people! 
•Next day, you wake up and you start all over again!

A dreamer he was knowned for but Capt Art did it!

Friday, October 16th, 2009

Who is Capt. Art?

When meeting Capt. Art for the first time, he will proudly tell you about his Acadian origins. I am an Acadian he will tell you loudly. Knowleageable about his history and ancestors, he will embark in telling you enthusiastically all about it with his charming shiac (Acadian) French accent.

art sea background  

art bequia dance 

Father of 3 beautiful girls, he lived most of his life in New-Brunswick, Canada in a small fisherman village called Cocagne. With his natural charismatic leadership, he became a very successfull businessman and was greatly involved in the community and politically. However, his great passion became building fiberglass boats and did so for many years. Even though happy with his life, he always dream about living on a boat in the sun saying that he wanted to become a professional beach bum.

art and jojo

One day, from his waterfront house, he noticed a big sail boat stuck on Cocagne island sand bar and quickly, he went over to help. To his surprise, he met a Caribbean crew, more particularly the Hazel brothers from Bequia who was sailing in the region for the first time. Capt. Art became friends with them, invited them at his house and showed them around. Eventually, for the first time, 30 years ago, he flew to visit his Bequian friends. From then on, Bequia became Capt. Art dream island. Now, he knew exactly where he would go when ready to leave with his boat. Bequia became his dream destination! In the meantime, at every possible opportunities, he flew to Bequia to visit his friends, at that point his Bequian family! He became known by all the locals in Bequia and was very liked.    

nicky wedding   

 art with local friend guitar

In 1994, Jonalisa, named after his 3 daughters, Jolyne, Nathalie and Lisa, was lauched in Cocagne. This has been the last boat designed and constructed by Capt. Art. This spacious trawler was the perfect liveaboard boat designed for the Caribbean. Capt. Art dream was finally coming true! He left in December of that same year, in the cold Atlantic weather, breaking ice in Cocagne Bay for Bequia. From the warf, his family and friends, with mix feelings of joy to finally see Capt. Art attaining his dream and sadness of not knowing when they would see him again, were waving at him until he was far away in the horizon. 

The weather was icelly cold and the crew had to keep breaking the ice which was forming on the boat until finally reaching warmer weather several days later. In South Carolina, so excited to finally feel the heat, Capt. Art wrip his T. Shirt off!! Since, he has been enjoying being bare habit that irritates his long time girlfriend Rachel.

art and rachel


Capt. Art has since navigated most of the Caribbean islands. With Rachel, they have started a charter business 4 years ago. Currently, Caribbean Affordable Charter but was previously knowned as Health Vacation. Click on the link below to wath a video about this former charter business.

Health Vacation Charter Business

Currently, at the best of his physical, mental and spiritual health, Capt. Art is busy taken care of the Caribbean Affordable Charter Business and still continue enjoying the Caribbean islands and plans to do so for many years to come!!

Juice man