Dreaming of the Caribbean for your next vacation destination? If you are looking for a Caribbean all-inclusive luxury vacation, you came to the right place. With our Caribbean Crewed All-Inclusive Luxury Yacht Charter you don’t need to be a captain with local Caribbean knowledge as the crew take care of everything so that you can relax and enjoy the ride.

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Caribbean Crewed All-Inclusive Luxury Yacht Charter

If you want privacy and be pampered, the service you will receive on our Caribbean Crewed All-Inclusive Luxury Yacht Charter is unsurpassed by any cruiseship or all-inclusive resort. As you are chartering the entire yacht, you have a say in the itinerary! You can take the helm or simply relax on deck with a cold drink and a good book. With this all-inclusive yacht charter, you can sit back and relax as everything is taken care for you.

What is included in the Caribbean Crewed All-Inclusive Luxury Yacht Charter?

  • The entire yacht is yours for yourself and your guests (up to 4 person total) for your enjoyment.
  • The captain and chief stewardess/chef is responsible for navigation, safety and comfort of the guests at all time. Never hesitate to talk to any of our crew members when needing something or if you have a special request.
  • All gourmet meals tailored to the guests preferences are included except for two dinners weekly as most of our guests have shown an interest in the past to go out from time to time ashore to experience local dishes and cuisines.
  • A bar service tailored to yourself and guests (wholesale cost plus a minimum service charge.
  • Water taxi at reasonable hours from and to the yacht is included.
  • Our stewardess is always available to coordinate and facilitate on-board and ashore activities.
  • Fuel for five hours of cruising is included which is enough time to visit several bays and or couple of islands (depending on locations). Past experience as shown that this amount of cruising for one week has been the perfect balance between times spend cruising and times spend anchored at nice quiet bays that have been the most enjoyed by our guests. If our guests desire to cruise for longer period of time and visit more islands, it is all possible.
  • Water and ice is included.
  • Most countries and island nations impose some type of cruising tax or harbor fees on charter yachts. These expenses are included.
  • Laundry services is available