By-the-Cabin/7 days-6 nights/Grenada

7 days/6 nights All-Inclusive By-the-Cabin Crewed Yacht Charter


Arrival in Grenada-Saturday and Departure from Grenada-Friday

What is included in this Grenada 7-days/6 nights all-inclusive by-the-cabin yacht charter?

  • One private stateroom, double occupancy;
  • The yacht is shared with one other couple;
  • The experienced Captain, Art;
  • A personal Chef/Hostess, Rachel, the owner;
  • Fine dining onboard tailored to your preferences (all breakfasts (6), 3 lunches & 3 dinners, as most of our guests, also want to dine-out);
  • An onboard personal bar service tailored to your taste, with standard spirits, your favorite mixes, local beers and, included with each dinner, one bottle of our Signature White or Red Wine;
  • 2-day tours included (Annandale Falls and Grenada Underwater Sculpture Park);
  • Ice;
  • Airport transportation is included;
  • All fees, such as Immigration fee, marine park and moorings fees, are included;
  • The yacht is equipped for sport fishing and snorkeling;
  • WIFI throughout the yacht while in Grenada;
  • Personal service at all times (on board and while on land as well!);
  • Cleaning fees are included.

Cruise Itinerary Summary

  • Day 1-Saturday: Arrival-Grand Anse Beach, Welcome cocktails;
  • Day 2-Sunday: A day of relaxation on Grand Anse Beach;
  • Day 3-Monday: Day tour of Annandale Falls;
  • Day 4-Tuesday: Hog Island, Clark Court Bay, Woburn, Callivigny, and more;
  • Day 5-Wednesday: Hog Island and Prickley Bay;
  • Day 6-Thursday: Marine Sculpture Park and Grand Anse Beach;
  • Day 7-Friday: Departure-Grand Anse Beach.

Day 1-Saturday (Welcome cocktails, dinner as well as the on-board bar are included):

  • Arrival-Pick up at the airport. From the pier (see picture below), you will be transported to the yacht, which is anchored in front of Grand Anse Beach (that is us anchored in the sunset). Welcome cocktails and dinner on board.

Day 2-Sunday (Breakfast, rum punch on the beach, and the onboard bar are included):

  • Breakfast on board, lunch on your own, and lazy afternoon on Grand Anse Beach. Rum punch cocktails on the beach are included. You are on your own for dinner.

Day 3- Monday (Breakfast, day tour with picnic lunch, rum punch, and the onboard bar included):

  • Breakfast on board and tour of Annandale Falls along with a picnic lunch with rum punch cocktails are included. You are on your own for dinner.

Day 4-Tuesday (Breakfast, dinner, and the onboard bar are included):

  • Breakfast on board and cruise to Hog Island; you are on your own for lunch; a tour of the area in a dinghy; dinner on board.

Day 5-Wednesday (Breakfast, lunch and the onboard bar are included):

  • Breakfast and lunch on board at Hog Island, and an afternoon cruise to Prickly Bay (click to see a stunning view of the area). You are on your own for dinner.

Day 6-Thursday (Breakfast, day tour with lunch, dinner and the onboard bar are included):

  • Breakfast on board and cruise and snorkeling in the Grenada Underwater Sculpture Park (click to read more about this amazing park); lunch on board is included, as well as a cruise to Grand Anse beach; dinner on board.

Day 7-Friday (Breakfast and the onboard bar included):

  • Breakfast on board; departure for Grenada airport.

Our Rates


  • 1-week rates: 7 days/6 nights
  • A minimum of 6 nights is required.
  • High Season: From December 1 to end of April.
  • Save 15% off during low season: From May 1 to end of November.
  • All our rates are in US$.
  • Rates are for a double occupancy in owners large en-suite cabin with separate shower and bathroom

All-inclusive by-the-cabin yacht charters rates: 

  • GRENADA–High: $585(USD)/person/night-Low: $495(USD)/person/night

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