Did you know that a run-of-the-mill all-inclusive by-the-cabin crewed yacht charter means sharing the yacht, the captain, and a chef with a dozen or more other strangers on-board? The bigger the yacht, the greater the crowd! If you are looking for privacy, this is not it!!! 

A private yacht charter is the ultimate choice when it comes to privacy, luxury and flexibility. Of course, it is a bit on the expensive side..

Looking for a cheaper alternative to a Private & All-Inclusive Crewed Yacht Charter? Looking for something less expensive, but that still ensures your privacy, and ensures also that you don’t spend your precious vacation time in a limited space with a group of strangers? Looking for the luxury of an all-inclusive crewed yacht charter given these conditions? This is exactly what you will be get with our By-the-Cabin All-Inclusive Yacht Charters.

What do you get with our By-the-Cabin All-Inclusive Yacht Charters?

  • With our By-the-Cabin All-Inclusive Yacht Charters, the perfect alternative for couples or singles, you will be sharing the yacht with only one other couple. That is it!..No more, except for the crew of course and they are the two owners;
  • Our By-the-Cabin All-Inclusive Yacht Charters come with your own private stateroom and all-inclusive services;
  • Although you don’t have the flexibility of deciding your own itinerary as you would with the Private & All-Inclusive Crewed Motor Yacht Charter, we do offer 4 different By-the-Cabin All-Inclusive Yacht Charters, each one with a unique itinerary;
  • The owner’ cabin is a large stateroom with a walk-around king bed and an en-suite bathroom with a large separate shower;
  • The guest cabin is a smaller stateroom with a double bed and a bathroom with a shower shared with the crew. Although smaller, this guest cabin is very comfortable and very airy with a very large hatch that can be fully open to see the sky, and 4 small windows located all around the stateroom;
  • Of course, the common areas are yours to enjoy as well.

What is included in our By-the-Cabin All-Inclusive Yacht Charters?

  • One private stateroom double occupancy;
  • The yacht is shared with one other couple only;
  • The experienced Captain, Art and your personal Chef/Hostess, Rachel, the owner, are available 24/7 to take care of the guests;
  • Fine dining on board is tailored to your preferences (all breakfasts are included, as well as 3 lunches & 3 dinners, as most of our guests also want to dine-out);
  • A personal bar service is tailored to your taste, well stocked with premium spirits, your favorite mixes, local beers, and, included with each dinner, one bottle of our Signature French White or Red Wine;
  • Day tours are included (one or two tours, depending on the cruise destination);
  • Ice;
  • Airport transportation is included;
  • All fees, such as Immigration fee, marine park and moorings fees, are included;
  • The yacht is equipped for sport fishing and snorkeling;
  • WIFI throughout the yacht while in Grenada;
  • Personal service at all times (on board and while on land as well!);
  • Cleaning fees are included.


  1. 7 days-Grenada
  2. 7 days-Grenada/Cariaccou (explore 3 islands)
  3. 7 days-Grenada/Grenadines (explore 6 different islands)
  4. 14 days-Grenada/Grenadines (explore 9 different islands)

Our rate: 

  • Our rates for the 7-days By-the-Cabin All-Inclusive Yacht Charters range from $4800(USD) to $7380(USD). These rates are for 2 guests and vary based on the destination, type of cabin, and time of booking;
  • Our rates for the 14-days By-the-Cabin All-Inclusive Yacht Charter range from $9345(USD) to $12415(USD). These rates are for 2 guests, and vary based on type of cabin and time of booking;
  • Note: All rates are in US dollars.


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