The captain Art, the owner of PARADISART is a successful businessman, has over 40 years in the boating industry including boat building, sailing, commercial fishing and navigating the Atlantic Ocean as well as the Caribbean Sea. However, his real passion has always been navigating. He has over 30 years of experience navigating the Caribbean islands and has spent lots of time navigating the area. Currently, at the best of his physical, mental and spiritual state, he is looking forward to share his local knowledge and experiences. This charismatic and full of energy gentleman is well known among the locals and well appreciated by all of them.


Your hostess/chef, Rachel, also the owner of PARADISART, has a master’s degree in Industrial & Organizational Psychology and is also currently completing her Ph.D in the same field with a Canadian university. She is also the founding member and president of International Leadership Consulting, a Caribbean firm which specializes in fostering more efficient the management of one’s talent pool, the work teams and the organization itself. Prior to ILC, she was for a number of years a senior human resource consultant specialist in staffing (recruitment, personnel selection and development) and project manager for large federal Canadian public sector organizations and has worked as an independent HR consultant. She has international experience in managing small businesses and in providing consultancy expertise to a number of small business development and management projects. She has also provided guidance and services in the areas of enhanced talent/HR management, business coaching, psychometric assessments, recruitment, and personnel selection and of the design and facilitation of training programs. She is also an active researcher and lecturer on several “people management” topics.

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